The World Renowned 2 Hour Turkey

The Turkey Blast

Are you terrified of baking a Turkey?

You want to cook one, but don’t know how?

Tired of vague, confusing/complex instructions? Tired of being afraid?

Would you like the secret to baking a perfectly seasoned, deliciously moist bird?

Finally… your search is over!

The Turkey Blast is your guide to baking the perfect Turkey.


This guide not only gives you scientific instructions on how to prepare any 12 – 24 pound turkey in 4 hours or less; It will lead you through each step of the preparation and cooking process from the beginning to end. All of your questions are answered!

No special or expensive equipment needed.

Your 12 pound turkey bakes in a 2 hour period using any traditional/conventional electric or gas oven.

If you are ready to conquer turkey, then you have found your rite fit in The Turkey Blast.


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