Healthy Meats For Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight or eating healthier, many of us don’t think of meat.  Actually, meat can be a great asset to a healthy diet.  You just have to make sure you’re making the right selections.

You should avoid meats that are high in fat and cholesterol, like beef and pork.  It’s still okay to include these in your diet sparingly, just not constantly because of the possible cardiovascular effects.

High quality grass-fed beef is a slight exception; but even still, you’ll see that many  of the healthier meats we’re going to talk about will be better options for you.


If you choose, chicken can be your main source of protein.  It provides a lot of protein to your body while keeping the fat content low.  Also, it has less than half the fat of meat like beef.


Everyone should have fish in their diet.  Just like chicken, Salmon and Halibut provide a lot of protein with low fat.  These fish are also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.

Fatty acids are important to get in our diets because our bodies can’t produce them naturally.  They work as a great anti-oxidant.  Research has also shown omega-3 fatty acids can contribute to improved cognitive function.


Turkey is like chicken with it’s lean protein packed power…But, it has much more versatility.  It’s delicious and works well as it’s own dish.  It’s also become a healthy substitute for many other foods.

Foods like turkey bacon, turkey sausage, turkey hot dogs and turkey burgers give you the flavor of the “real” thing with a fraction of the calories.

Turkey is also a great alternative for those individuals who don’t consume pork or beef products.



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