4 Quick And Healthy Snacks

When you’re looking for a snack, you may go for something in your cupboard that’s easily accessible and unhealthy.  Many of us will eat toaster treats, chips, crackers and a variety of other junk foods because they taste good and are convenient.

While junk food snacks are okay in small doses, a lot of us eat them as everyday snacks.  The pounds start sneaking on and after awhile, some people find themselves asking how they put on so much weight.

In order to stay in good shape, but still satisfy your hunger, you’ll want to have some quick and easy snacks ready…

And here are four quick ideas to get you started:

1. Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are delicious, filling and have a nice amount of good fats.

It will be beneficial if you do a little research on your own.  Many of us have specific nut allergies.  All nuts have different levels of protein, total fat and carbohydrates, just to name a few.  Choose what’s right for you.

My favorite nuts: Almonds and Walnuts.

My favorite seeds: Sunflower and Pumpkin.

2. Celery and Almond Butter

Celery and almond butter is an age old combination.  You get the creaminess and flavor of the almond butter and the crunch of the celery.

Some like adding a few raisins to this combo!

3. Fruits

While fruits have sugar, they are also high in fiber.  This allows you to digest them easier, as opposed to sugary foods.  They also aid in stopping an insulin spike, which you can experience from many sweets.

When you consume fruits with edible skin, make sure you Do eat the skin.  There are extra nutrients in the skin that are good for us.

Please remember to wash your fruit off before eating!

4. Carrots and Hummus

Carrots have a natural sweetness to them; and if you’re not consuming a lot of processed sugar, that sweetness will really come through.

Many have become huge fans of Hummus.  It has a unique and amazing flavor, with a soft, dip-like consistency.  This will give you the “mouth feel” of something like a ranch dip, while being a very nutritious snack.

These four snacks will satisfy your mid-day hunger, without putting on the extra pounds!


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