3 Next Level Grilled Cheese Ideas

Oh, the humble grilled cheese…You probably remember it from your childhood, often with some tomato soup 🙂

The grilled cheese has recently become a go-to sandwich for many restaurants and even food trucks.  Everyone has their own special way of preparing grilled cheese; and you should be no exception.

It’s time to explore the world of Grilled Cheese…

Before we dive in, I want to remind you that Cheese is the Star!  Make sure to balance your sandwich in a way that will allow the cheese to shine through!

1. Choose Your Cheese

Personally, I prefer to use a mild to sharp Cheddar cheese.  It has the perfect texture and melts in such an amazing and gooey way.  From here, you can add a variety of other wonderful tasting cheeses.

It all truly begins with the type of Grilled Cheese Masterpiece you want to create…

For instance, if you want to add something like roast beef and grilled onions; you may choose a Swiss cheese. If you have a taste for something bolder, you may opt for a Pepper Jack cheese.

Your cheese choice will make or break your sandwich.  No pressure – just a lot of fun choices 🙂

    2. Bread

Next, you will need to choose the type of bread you want to use.

I know white sandwich bread is traditional – and it’s a good tradition…But, I like to experiment with different breads, like Multi Grain, Potato, Hawaiian or Sourdough.

Croissants have been one of my favorite bread experiments!  They are so light and flaky, with the perfect amount of butter.  Your sandwich is not overwhelmed by bread.  Give it a try…I know you’ll love it.

Some breads will go better with certain cheeses…But again, it’s all in the fun of experimenting!

    3. Toppings

If you want to take your Grilled Cheese Masterpiece to yet another level, try adding protein!

I have used Blackened Chicken/Turkey Breast, Roast Beef, Pepperoni and Beef Salami.  Remember, you can experiment.

Even though you want to add some fun toppings, do Not let them take over.

If you add too much protein, it can over power the taste of your sandwich.  Always keep in mind that you are making a Grilled Cheese sandwich.

Experimenting with your Cheese, Bread and adding Protein will take your grilled cheese to the next level – and make your Grilled Cheese Masterpiece a classic!




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